Accused in cellphones robbery remanded

An alleged robber was yesterday remanded to prison after being accused of stealing three cellphones on two separate occasions.

Fitzroy Holligen appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, where he pleaded not guilty to both counts of theft.

According to Prosecutor Bharat Mangru, just after midnight on May 3rd, Navendra Ramotar parked his car in front of Courts on Main Street. He was liming by the car when Holligen approached and asked him if he wanted to have sex. Ramotar refused Holligen’s offer and then got into his car and drove around to the other side of Main Street. According to Mangru, when Ramotar looked out of his driver’s side window, Holligen was there. Holligen then demanded that the cellphones be handed over and fled.

The version of events Holligen related to court in his defence appeared incoherent. According to him, on the night in question, he was liming on Main Street, when a man approached him and asked if he want to have sex. He said that he refused and got into his car as the man walked away. According to him, his cousin then saw someone taking something from the man’s car. He asserted that his cousin then took the phones away from the assailant.

The second count of robbery was similar to the first, except for the fact that Holligen was accused of stealing a phone from passengers who were sleeping in a parked car.

Holligen denied these allegations. He said he had not been in court for 15 years and had no reason to be there again. He was previously convicted but the exact nature of the conviction was not revealed.

Holligen was denied bail and remanded to prison until May 28th, when the case will be called before Magistrate Judy Latchman at Court Three.

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