`Mr Clean’ busted for cocaine in NY

Popular Linden body builder and power lifter, Colin Aubrey Chesney also known as ‘Mr Clean’ was last week busted at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York while allegedly attempting to smuggle cocaine into the United States which he had swallowed in pellet form.

According to court documents seen by this newspaper and sworn to by Special Agent Anthony Cangelosi, on May 24th Chesney arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight and was observed to be acting nervously by customs officers.

“During the inspection, the defendant appeared unusually nervous, specifically, the defendant was physically shaking and sweating heavily,” the Special Agent said in the document.

Based on this observation Chesney was then escorted to a private room for a secondary search during which he told officials that he had swallowed foreign bodies into his stomach. He was presented with an x-ray consent form, which he read, appeared to understand, and signed. The Lindener was then transported to the airport’s medical facility for the x-ray examination and his intestinal tract showed positive for foreign bodies. He subsequently passed 33 pellets, one of which was probed and found to contain a white powdery substance which tested positive for cocaine.

Chesney is yet to pass through court as the documents, which were filed yesterday, said he would remain at the airport’s medical facility until he passes out all the pellets.

Colin Chesney (centre) doing one of his lifts. (SN file photo)
Colin Chesney (centre) doing one of his lifts. (SN file photo)

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