PM’s son asked to lead defence in assault case

Samuel Hinds Jr has been called upon to lead his defence in the assault case brought against him by the sister of his fiancée.

Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond yesterday ruled that Police Prosecutor Jomo Nichols had established a prima facie case against Hinds, who is the son of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

It is alleged that on February 27, Hinds Jr, 33, of Lot 83 Duke Street, Kingston, beat Tenza Lane with a cane and threatened her with a gun. It is the police’s case that he called Lane a thief, threw her to the ground, stamped her in the face and dragged her by her hair around his house, she he shares with her sister. It is also alleged that during the assault, Hinds also brandished his licensed firearm and beat the woman with a cane.

Samuel Hinds Jnr
Samuel Hinds Jnr

Lane was also charged with assaulting the man but she was cleared after a trial.

Hinds Jr will be leading his defence on June 3.

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