Enmore woman died of blunt trauma

A post-mortem examination done on the body of the Enmore woman who was found dead on Monday morning revealed that she died as a result of blunt trauma to the head.

The lifeless body of 58 year old Keila Persaud of Lot 29 Enmore North, East Coast Demerara was discovered on Monday by her reputed husband of eight years, Nazir Khan called Cheela who has since been held for questioning.

Contacted, Crime Chief Leslie James said that he was made to understand that the post-mortem revealed that Persaud died due to blunt trauma and that a decision on whether to charge her reputed husband will be taken shortly.

Keila Persaud
Keila Persaud

Her daughter had told this newspaper that she received a call on Monday morning from a cousin that her mother had died. “I went to the house and I see my mother on the ground. She had black and blue marks on her face and a wound to the back of her head,” she said.

“I don’t know if she fall and knock she head or if someone hit she in she head. Cheela tell we that when they de ready fuh go in bed mommy say that she going and sleep in the other room and he fall asleep and next morning when he get up he see she in the room on the ground,” the woman said.

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