Albouystown man gets three years for ganja possession

Albouystown resident Lerone Yarris was yesterday sent to prison for three years after being found guilty of possession of marijuana.

Before Magistrate Judy Latchman, Yarris, 34, was found guilty on a charge that he, on May 13, had the 6.5 grammes of the drug in his possession.

According to the police, on the date in question at about 12:45 pm, police patrolling in the Albouystown community noticed Yarris acting suspiciously while riding his bicycle. He was stopped and told of the suspicions and an attempt to search him was made. However, before a search could be conducted Yarris reportedly tried to discard a plastic bag. The bag was retrieved, searched and seven small Ziploc bags containing what appeared to be cannabis were found.

Yarris admitted to owning the bag and its content, police said but he later claimed that the marijuana had not been found on his person. According to the man’s lawyer, Yarris was riding his bicycle in the vicinity of a yard that was being raided when the “drugs seller” dropped his goods and made an escape. Yarris, the lawyer said, was wrongfully arrested.

Despite maintaining his innocence, Yarris was found guilty and sentenced to serve three years in jail. He was also fined $10,000.

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