Bartica man re-arrested after more child molestation allegations surface

The Bartica man accused of sexually abusing at least three children is now back in police custody even as more allegations are being levelled against him.

The 22-year-old man’s lawyer, Bernard Da Silva, confirmed that his client is in custody as the mother of a six year-old boy, who has alleged the man forced him to perform oral sex, has now formally made a report to the police.

In addition to the alleged abuse of the three children, Stabroek News has been reliably informed that the mother of two other children-ages nine and seven-has also come forward to make allegations against the man. The two children are alleging that he sexually abused them and photographed their genitals. “They say how he put them to climb a tree and tek out picture of dem private parts,” this newspaper was told.

On Monday, Stabroek News had reported the allegations made against the man by the mothers of three children—a six-year-old boy and two five-year-old girls—and the fact that the police were dragging their feet on the reports. The mother of the boy had stated that up to then she had not reported the matter since her son had only recently opened up about the allegations. All three of the children are related and the accused man was the common-law husband of a relative.

Following the report, the mother of the young boy reported the allegations and the man was arrested and remains in custody. The parents had expressed the fear that he would had fled the jurisdiction after he was released following the expiration of the mandatory 72-hours the police can legally keep someone in custody without being charged.

While it appears as progress is now being made in the case, the parents pointed out that the police at the Bartica Police Station were indeed dragging their feet on the issue. They said while the police told them that the matter is now at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, this appears not to be the case. The women had made reports on April 29th and May 7th. However, they said they were shocked to be called to the station, following the report in this newspaper, to sign the statements given by them and their children on the given dates.

They also indicated that the police had indicated they would have visited the area where the crimes were allegedly committed and while they waited the entire day no officer visited. However, a visit was made on Tuesday, one day after the report in Stabroek News.

“You see, if we didn’t talk about this thing like this matter woulda just die down the police dem didn’t really investigating,” one of the mothers said.

Meanwhile, as it relates to allegations made by one of the mothers against an officer of the station, the woman said that she is willing to make an official statement to the police on the issue. The woman had alleged that the officer had attempted to dissuade her from making an official report and when she insisted he then blamed her for the alleged abuse of her daughter. He was reported to have watched a game of cricket while trying to take a statement from the young girl.

Following the woman’s allegations, Crime Chief Leslie James had advised that she make an official report to the office of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) or his office. The mother said that while she is willing to have the officer investigated she expressed hesitation of travelling to George-town since she does not “know town” but she added that should officers from the city travel to Bartica she is willing to repeat the allegation.

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