Man found not guilty of killing stepfather

An exultant Anthony George swiftly left the High Court yesterday after Justice Dawn Gregory announced that he had been acquitted of manslaughter; hehad been found not guilty by the jury.

George was on trial for the December 2008 murder of his stepfather Ralph Jacobs at Better Hope.

Jacobs who resided at Victoria Road, Plaisance died from a single stab wound in the region of his heart.

According to reports, Jacobs’ daughter and stepson were sent to buy a phone card in the Plaisance area but took a long time to return. As such, Jacobs went in search of them and after an argument it is alleged that the man began kicking and hitting the boy. George reportedly got involved in the incident which turned into a fight. They scuffled and Jacobs was stabbed once with a kitchen knife.

When called to lead his defence last week, George had said that his mother and sister were constantly beaten by Jacobs whenever he was intoxicated. He also said that on the day that Jacobs was killed he was trying to stop his stepfather from beating his brother.

George was represented by Attorney Sonia Parag while the state’s case was presented by Mercedes Thompson and Natasha Backer.

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