Eight new Air Traffic Controllers on the job

After two years of training, eight Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) have been certified and have assumed their responsibilities at Ogle and the Cheddi Jagan International Airports control towers, a release from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority said yesterday.

Zulficar Mohamed, Director General of the GCAA stated that from reports received, he is impressed with the zest and professionalism demonstrated by the newest batch.

“Air traffic control is a fast-paced job that requires an individual to be on the alert to control and maintain safety of Air Traffic operating within our airspace. As such the trainee ATCOs had to be proficient in the classroom, as well as, during their simulation training, hence the reason for the two year programme,” Mohamed stated in the release.

GCAA has shortlisted in excess of 40 individuals to undergo aptitude testing followed by interviews for the next training programme within the next few months.

In addition, four seasoned ATCOs have completed theoretical training and are now undergoing on-the-job training as part of the GCAA’s move to promote them and increase the staff level of the Area Control Centre.

Mohamed said that GCAA’s aim is to increase the capability of the ATCOs. “These are the men and women that keep the aircraft and it passengers safe in our airspace and we must continue to develop their skills.”


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