No word yet on departmental charges for Russian Roulette cops

There has been no word from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) as to whether the approximately one dozen ranks who were with cadet officer Franz Paul when he allegedly shot teenager Alex Griffith in the mouth, will face departmental charges or were disciplined in any way.

The silence has not escaped the attention of the teen’s mother who says that she is shocked that the other ranks have been allowed to escape punishment for not only brutalizing her son but allowing the senior rank to shoot her child.

Stabroek News during last week made numerous efforts to contact police officials including Crime Chief Leslie James for an update on this aspect of the case but was unsuccessful.

On June 9, Paul was charged with discharging a loaded firearm at the teen, with intent to maim, disfigure or cause bodily harm and inflicting grievous bodily harm, unlawful assault. He pleaded not guilty to both charges and was remanded to prison until June 30.

Another policeman Corporal Baichan Singh and Paul were jointly charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice. Singh was not one of the 12 to 15 ranks who had accompanied Paul to the East La Penitence Squatting area to investigate an armed robbery committed on his sister.

During the weeks after the April 30 shooting incident the Force made no mention of the ranks that had accompanied Paul. Following inquiries, this newspaper was repeatedly told that an investigation was being conducted and that everybody involved was being looked at.

Marcel Griffith told Stabroek News recently that while she is relieved that the person who allegedly pulled the trigger has been charged she is taken aback that more ranks were not placed before the courts as Griffith had been kicked and physically assaulted before he was shot. She pointed guilty fingers at about five of the ranks.

She said that the majority of those who descended on the area in the presence of the Paul were dressed in navy blue clothing signifying that they were ranks attached to the Tactical Services Unit (TSU). She remembered one rank being dressed in civilian clothing.

“I was surprised that more of them didn’t climb de court step”, she said adding that based on what she witnessed there was enough evidence to charge a few of the other ranks.

The woman, while noting that the Force is not doing anything about the other ranks said that she will not fight anymore and will leave the matter in the hands of God as it is only he who can give her justice.

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