Guard accused of stealing car

A security guard found himself before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday facing allegations that he stole a $2.7 million car.

Mortimer Chan repeatedly denied any knowledge of the car, PPP 5786, telling the court that at the initial stage of his arrest at his home, allegations were put to him about guns and ammunition, but he later learnt at the police station that he was arrested in connection with the stolen car.

Prosecutor Bharat Mangru told the court that the Mazda car was reported stolen by the owner Ivan Allicock after he awakened to find it missing from the spot in front of his yard where it was parked on June 11.

Investigations led to the discovery of the car in Buxton and as a result of information received subsequently, the police arrested Chan at his D’Urban Street, Lodge residence.

“There was no car at my residence. I do not know about any car. I am not a flight risk as I have no reason for running from this case. I cannot afford a lawyer at this time and so I ask for low bail,” the father of four said.

But Prosecutor Mangru objected to bail, citing the seriousness and prevalence of the offence and the likelihood that if bail was granted Chan may not return to court.

Chan was then ordered to remain in custody until July 4, when the case will be called again.




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