No solid leads in murder of elderly businesswoman

The family of Sumintra Dinool, the 65-year-old businesswoman who was found early Sunday morning bound and gagged in her Albouystown home, is yet to hear of any substantial leads by the police and her ex-husband Sheik Dinool says lawmen are awaiting the result of an autopsy to determine their next step.

The autopsy is to be conducted tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Shah Dinool, the woman’s son,

 Sumintra Dinool
Sumintra Dinool
 Sumintra Dinool’s home where her dead body was discovered tied to her bed
Sumintra Dinool’s home where her dead body was discovered tied to her bed

who discovered her body, expressed anger at reports in the media that he had been arrested. According to the man, he had been taken in to give a statement and any necessary information and had not been detained.

“This article is damaging my character,” he angrily said. “This is negligence to the highest.” He added that it is difficult for him to grieve when he also has to deal with the allegations levelled against him.

Shah had discovered his mother’s body in their Sussex and Barr streets home sometime around 4 am on Sunday. According to the man, he had opened the front door with his keys and had noticed nothing amiss until he went into his room and found it completely ransacked.

“I became scared right away. I decided I should check on my mother,” he said.

He made his way to her bedroom where he discovered her bound to her bed, her hands and feet tied with telephone cables. Her mouth was also gagged.

After touching her and discovering that she was cold and rigid, he immediately raised an alarm calling for help. “I call people quick and tell them, ‘come quick! People break in the house and like Mommy dead.’”

He strongly suspects that the person or persons involved entered through the backdoor, which had been open on his return. The door showed no forced entry, he said.


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