Men held over AK 47 magazines still in custody

The two men arrested in connection with the discovery of AK 47 magazines and dozens of spent shells on Sunday remain in police custody.

According to information out of the police’s Public Relations Department, legal advice will soon be sought in connection with the matter. The 72 hours permitted by police to hold the duo expires tonight. Based on what this newspaper was told no additional arrests have been made.

Police had said in a press release that around 19:30 hrs they conducted a search on a house at James and Victoria streets, Albouystown, during which the four magazines and spent shells were found.

Based on the information reaching this newspaper, two brothers were involved in a physical altercation and after efforts to part them proved futile, the police were called. It was when the police arrived that a search was eventually conducted on the house. One source said that the magazines were found in the bottom flat of the two-storey house. The top of the building is under construction and is incomplete. The spent shells, the source said, were found under a tree at the back of the yard.

There is no indication as to origin of the spent shells and what they might have been doing at that location.