Autopsy seen as key to mystery surrounding prison’s death

Both the prison authorities and the Guyana Police Force are awaiting the conduct of a post-mortem examination to shed light on the death of Camp Street Prison inmate Victor Larry, who was found dead in his cell on Sunday.

Larry, 33, of Region Eight, was found in his cell at approximately 7:30am on Sunday by prison wardens. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Director of Prisons Welton Trotz, Larry was discovered laying on a bed in the cell he shared with other inmates.

He said the man’s body bore no marks of violence and that the prison is awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination.

When asked about the allegations of prison wardens taking Larry to an empty infirmary after he was crying out in pains, Trotz said “He [Larry] never complained of any pains,” and added, “whatever was peddled was wrong information.”

It has been reported that Larry had complained of feeling unwell for the past two weeks and every time he was taken to the infirmary he was told there was no one there to attend to him.

As a result, he would return to his cell in excruciating pain where he would remain until another bout of the unbearable pain would send him into fits of screaming and the wardens would take him again to the empty infirmary.

Meanwhile, when Stabroek News enquired as to whether an investigation had been launched by the police, Crime Chief Leslie James stated that the police are looking at the circumstances surrounding Larry’s death, but are awaiting a post-mortem examination before anything else is done.



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