Inet Communications, Newtec offering high speed satellite broadband service

INet Communications and Newtec yesterday announced that they have launched a new high speed broadband service for Guyana which they said enables download speeds of 10Mbps for the first time here.

According to a press release, the service would be operated through the EUTELSAT 8 West A satellite, and offered at an affordable rate. “Newtec’s technology was selected to enhance a previous broadband service to a higher performance level,” the statement said.

The new broadband service features Newtec’s VSAT Broadband Platform (Sat3Play®) and terminals (MDM2200 IP satellite modems, antennas and interactive LNBs).

INet has already deployed the IP Easy satellite solution for several key users, including government, defence, mining, small businesses and residential consumers.

“The service is ideal for customers with offices in multiple locations where satellite connectivity is the only option to provide connectivity.”

According to the statement, the Guyana Defence Force has confirmed its order for this satellite solution to be installed at four of its major remote locations in the Amazon jungle. The first installation was successfully completed at the New River Triangle base, with the remaining installations due to be completed soon, the press release said.

George Melville, CEO of iNet Communications said, “When looking to upgrade our broadband infrastructure for this project, we wanted equipment which would be cost-effective and yet easy to install. This is why we have decided to partner with Newtec as their VSAT technology ticks all of the boxes, enabling efficient and high speed B2C and B2B services. The dishes have to be transported from Georgetown to remote locations in the Amazon via light aircraft, where the small size of the antennas facilitates easy transportation.”

The CEO also said INet is the only telecommunications provider that is offering the public an affordable 10 Mbps connection over satellite. “Having an affordable satellite network that is simple to install, versatile and robust, is a milestone for Guyana,” he said.

“Guyana has a large number of mines in the Amazon Rainforest and so providing service to the mining community was an important priority for the project. Despite the continent being prone to heavy rainfall, the satellite service has minimal disruptions and can withstand heavy rain with no disruption of service thanks to the Newtec technology used. Several mining camps have already been equipped with the new service,” the press release said.

Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec, said working on the project is very exciting for Newtec and the company is pleased to help provide connectivity to the entire country. The iNet satellite broadband solution offers the Guyanese people services to improve economic sustainability and growth,” he said.