Saleswoman on larceny charge accuses employer of trading in stolen goods

Accused of defrauding and stealing from her former employer, a woman yesterday told Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry that her accuser deals in the sale of stolen articles and only brought charges against her because she exposed him.

The first charge against 20-year-old Sherry-Ann Hope stated that on August 3, at Georgetown, she fraudulently converted to her own use and benefit financial proceeds which were to be given over to Dexter Forrester, who had entrusted her to sell four cell phones valued $160,000.

Additionally, the mother of three is accused of stealing 10 pennyweights of raw gold, valued $110,000, from Forrester on August 1.

Hope, a saleswoman, denied both charges when they were read to her in the city court.

When given a chance to speak, she told the court that Forrester, for whom she worked, sells stolen items. Hope said that the only reason Forrester had levelled the charges against her was because she exposed that he sells stolen items.

She explained to the visibly shocked Magistrate that she sells the stolen items for the man.

The magistrate, like other persons in the courtroom who were taken aback and appalled, enquired from the defendant whether she knew the items her employer had been asking her to sell were stolen.

“He does sell things and he whole stand got thiefing things and ’cause I guh and talk, he get vex,” Hope said.

Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who represented Hope, requested reasonable bail, while noting that the woman has a fixed address at 22 La Grange West Bank Demerara and posed no risk of flight. The prosecution had no objections to bail, which was granted in the sum of $100,000 on each charge.

The case matter was transferred to Court Ten for October 13, when statements are to be filed.

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