Greens vendor on attempted murder charge over Bourda stabbing

A Bourda Market greens vendor yesterday found himself facing an attempted murder charge after what started out as drink between friends ended in a stabbing.

Eon Ford appeared at a city court yesterday charged with wounding with the intent to commit murder. Ford, 35, of 90 Robb Street, was not required to plead to the indictable charge which was read to him by magistrate Fabayo Azore. The charge stated that on October 8, on Robb Street, Bourda, Ford wounded Joseph Adams with the intent to commit murder.

The court heard that Ford and Adams were consuming alcohol on Robb Street when a misunderstanding occurred between them, which led to Adams receiving a cut on the face and as he was about to leave, he was stabbed in his hand and abdomen.

Prosecutor Kerry Bostwick, however, objected to bail based on the seriousness of the offence and he pointed out that Adams is still hospitalised.

But attorney Mark Conway, who represented Ford, petitioned the magistrate to consider bail for his client, while pointing out that Ford and Adams were best friends and his client would not attempt to tamper with evidence based on their friendship. He said Ford has five children and a common law wife and is without any previous convictions.

The magistrate was, however, unmoved by his submissions and bail was refused. Ford is required to return to court on October 30.

Stabroek News had been told that Adams, 53, was stabbed to the abdomen as he attempted to break up a fight between two persons around 9pm on Wednesday. He was admitted into the male surgical ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) early Thursday after hours of surgery.

Adams also received stitches to his face to deal with a laceration earned during the episode. Following the stabbing,

Adams was rushed to the hospital, where complications had arisen when doctors had a hard time removing the long blade from the middle of his stomach.