GPL uncovers illegal wiring, street lights in Providence housing scheme

The Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) has discovered that 44 houses are connected illegally in a housing scheme at the back of the Providence Stadium and there are also 50 illegal street lights.

A source at GPL told Stabroek News that the company discovered that the scheme had wiring and street lights that were not authorised. In addition, when company officials visited the area on Tuesday they noticed that the lot numbers that were originally allocated to the houses were changed.

The GPL staff began to document the illegal activity but were subsequently confronted by a strange man in a car. The police were subsequently called and some of the wires were taken down with their supervision. The man who had previously confronted the GPL team even helped.

One of the street lights at the front of the Housing Scheme.
One of the street lights at the front of the Housing Scheme.

When this newspaper visited the housing scheme last evening, there were a few street lights that were scattered around the front of the area. A resident said she was not aware of any activity being conducted by GPL.

She then directed this newspaper more to the back of the scheme, where all of the houses were shrouded in darkness.

Stabroek News was told that GPL plans to re-visit the site and take down more of the illegal wiring.




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