Mocha man dies after horse collision

A man went to an early grave after he collided with a horse on the Mocha Main Road, East Bank Demerara on Friday.

Stefan Henry, 23, of 246 First Street, Mocha Road died after the accident occurred at around 9:20pm.

Henry’s mother, Barbara Roberts said someone rushed to her home and started an alarming banging at her front door. When the woman went out to check, the person said, “Ya son lie down on the main road unconscious.”

The woman quickly dashed to the scene along with a few other relatives, only to discover her son bleeding profusely from the eyes, nose and mouth.

The woman said she already knew he was dead and by the time she reached the Diamond Hospital it confirmed her dreaded belief.

Roberts said, “it’s my only child, but what I gonna do.” The woman said he will be missed as he was kind, mannerly and loved by everyone.

Roberts said she cannot cry anymore because the finality of her son’s life hit her when she visited his workplace, Gafoors Houston Complex, and saw the gloomy atmosphere. The woman said at least her son will not be mourned by her alone.

The woman told Stabroek News that the morning before he died for no apparent reason she began to cry and told her son ‘Be a good boy and take your time on the road,’ to which he replied, ‘Barbara I gonna be alright.’

The young man’s relatives also made an appeal to address some of the road’s hazards. One relative angrily complained about the road not having street lights and road signs and also about high bushes that need to be trimmed. The family is also anxious to find out who owns the dead horse and hopes an investigation will be launched soon.

The family also believes that speeding was not the issue since the motorbike suffered very little damage. They deduced that it must’ve been the lights that startled the horse.

When Stabroek News visited the area, no street lights were in place, there were no street signs and the high bushes concealed the road corners.

The young man had dropped his niece home from Sophia and was only a minute away from home when he got into the accident.



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