Ghana national fined for illegal entry into Guyana

A citizen of Ghana, West Africa, who entered Guyana illegally, is now facing deportation after being fined for the crime.

Henry Vanderpipe, 37, pleaded guilty in a city court yesterday to entering Guyana by sea on November 29, at Springlands, Corentyne, without presenting himself to an immigration officer.

“Am very sorry, it will never happen again,” was all Vanderpipe said after Magistrate Ann McLennan asked him if he had anything to say in relation to the offence.

The prosecution’s facts stated that after Vanderpipe illegally entered Guyana from Suriname, police received information that led them to a house on D’Uurban Street, where they found him. He could not produce any travel documents and as a result was arrested and charged.

The unrepresented Vanderpipe told the court that he is a trader who buys goods from Suriname and resells them.

He was fined $30,000 and remanded until police can facilitate deportation.

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