Imbaimadai woman hurt in brawl still hospitalised

The Imbamadai woman who was injured by another during a drunken brawl in the community on Tuesday, is still hospitalized and her attacker also remains in police custody. Florenza Grant, remains an admitted patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital in a stable condition. She is being treated for head injuries.

Meanwhile, her alleged attacker Clara Abrams remains in police custody, relatives told Stabroek News last evening.

According to reports, at 5pm the women, residents of the community, were both imbibing alcohol when an argument ensued. It is alleged that Clara picked up a bottle and threatened Florenza but decided not to. Sometime after that argument, it is alleged that Florenza then grabbed a bottle, broke it and slashed Clara from her chest to her stomach, causing her injuries. However, she was treated by medical officials in the area and sent away. Teasing caused Clara to return to Florenza, grab her by the head and allegedly drag her through a window, slamming her head to the floor, resulting in unconsciousness.

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