Police appear stumped over murder of Sterling guard

The police are yet to find the three armed bandits who stormed into Sterling Products Limited (SPL) East Bank Demerara, nine days and killed security guard Wilfred Stewart and injured chemist attached to the company Mario Gohill.

On December 8, at 6:45pm, Stewart, 45, of Graham’s Hall, East Coast Demerara was fatally shot while chemist, Indian national Mario Gohill, 31 was shot in the foot, when three masked men, according to the police, forced their way into the SPL complex.

According to reports, the gunmen forced their way into the compound, shot Stewart and proceeded to the accounts department.

Wilfred Stewart
Wilfred Stewart

They were said to be after money they felt was kept there. However, after they realized that the safe which they were targeting was locked, they assaulted a female employee before making good their escape in a waiting car.

Since the arrest and release of three persons, the police are yet to give an update on the progress of the investigation.

All efforts to contact ‘A’ Division commander Clifton Hicken and Crime Chief Leslie James for an update, proved futile.

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