GDF troops warned against drug trafficking

Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips has once again briefed GDF Officers and Ranks at Base Camp Stephenson on the GDF’s zero-tolerance policy on drug use and drug trafficking activities.

A release from the GDF yesterday said he reminded the troops of the GDF’s policy with regard to such matters and warned that immediate disciplinary action will be instituted against any Officer or Other Rank found to be in breach of the Force’s standard operating procedures regarding these matters.

“The GDF has a strict policy regarding drug and substance abuse and we will rigidly enforce it. Consumption of narcotic substances and trafficking in same are against the law, and any Officer or Rank who is found to have broken the law in this regard, will face very stiff penalties,” he said.

The warning came on the heels of the police’s arrest earlier yesterday, of a soldier who was found to be in possession of over 400grams of marijuana. The soldier was immediately dismissed from the Force.

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