AG, Gildarie conversation provides no evidential basis for criminal proceedings – DPP

The DPP’s Chambers today said that the hair-raising recorded telephone conversation between Attorney General Anil Nandlall and reporter Leonard Gildarie in November does not provide an evidential basis for criminal proceedings to be initiated.
The proprietor of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall had complained to the police that Nandlall made threatening remarks about the against his him and his company’s employees in the conversation with Gildarie and sought charges against Nandlall. There had been great anticipation over a decision by the police and the DPP following the disclosure of the conversation by KN. Nandlall had been heard in the conversation making threatening remarks against KN, trying to arrange a sexual liaison between his uncle and a KN reporter and using profane language.
The DPP in her explanation for her decision said that the conversation was not between the AG and Lall and that such language had to have been uttered directly to the complainant for a basis for the charge to be established.

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