Dr Hook bombs in Jamaica

(Jamaica Observer) UNWILLING to sit through another painful performance, patrons embarked on a mass exodus from the LIME Golf Academy in New Kingston at Sunday’s To Mom With Love concert, bringing it to an end after only two songs into headliner Dr Hook’s performance.

After a lengthy delay, American group Dr Hook took the stage with lead singer Ray ‘Eye Patch’ Sawyer clearly in less than fine form.

Moments into the set, the performance was halted due to a busted snare drum. However, it was too late to salvage any sort of enthusiasm from the audience.

Just after 1:00 am, the crowd spoke with their feet on a show that faltered from the very beginning. Dr Hook’s stint was preceded by a struggling Glenn Jones.

The American R&B singer never truly began as he performed unfamiliar material which left the audience in the cold and clapping their hands multiple times for his exit. Of the three international acts, American R&B soul singer Dorothy Moore was the only one which bonded with the audience.

She got off to a good start with Wille Nelson’s Funny How Time Slips Away, her own I Believe You and Lover Girl.

Her newer bluesthemed material were not as well received, but she redeemed herself with a stirring rendition of Misty Blues that saw her walking down into the crowd to shake hands, hug, and take pictures.

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