Media Association slams CoP’s comments

(Trinidad Guardian) The Media Association of T&T (MATT) has issued a statement condemning acting Police Com-missioner Stephen Williams’s comments on death threats against journalist Mark Bassant.

In the statement, issued yesterday afternoon, the association said:

“The suggestion by the Acting Com-missioner of Police that inaccurate reporting by CCN’s senior investigative journalist Mark Bassant may have caused a threat to be made on his life is the most outrageous statement to be made by the head of law enforcement in the country.

“MATT is shocked and disappointed that Mr Stephen Williams would seek to legitimise the threat made on the life of a journalist on account of alleged inaccurate reporting. Surely Mr Williams must be aware that there are avenues available to individuals to find redress if they feel they are injured by false reporting.

“Let it be clear MATT does not condone inaccurate reporting and journalists and the managers of newsrooms have a responsibility to ensure that the stories that are placed in the public domain represent truth and are balanced and fair.

“However, Mr Williams’ statement cannot escape condemnation for its irresponsibility.

“MATT hopes that the Acting Commissioner of Police was perhaps inarticulate in his characterisation of the threat because if his words are a true reflection of his position on this matter then we are all in deep trouble.”

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