Controversy in Barbados over Benny Hinn fee

(Barbados Nation) It will cost in excess of Bds$300 000 to stage the two-day crusade here next month featuring celebrity evangelist Benny Hinn.

This was disclosed yesterday by Reverend Ferdinand Nicholls, one of the driving forces behind the National Alliance of Churches And Christian Organisations (NACCO), the organisers of the crusade called the National Miracle Healing Service And National Blessing.

His revelation comes as voices opposed to Hinn’s visit were raised in some quarters yesterday. One significant objector was Reverend Vincent Wood, head of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, who serves on the nominating committee of the Baptist World Alliance.

“It is an insult, very offensive and the group should apologise to every God-fearing minister of the gospel who is living a life for God, and who is trying their utmost to lead this nation and its political leaders to commit their lives to Jesus Christ,” he added, and called on NACCO to disclose the retainer sought by Hinn.


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