Trinis in fiery protest after cops kill 21-year-old man

(Trinidad Express) Morvant residents staged fiery protests on Thursday afternoon, blocking several roadways including the Lady Young Road and Mon Repos Road, leaving commuters stranded in standstill traffic as they vocalised their dissent to the death of 21-year-old father of one, Chaquille McCoy.

McCoy aka Chaquille Paul, of Mon Repos Road, Morvant, was shot and killed yesterday morning by North Eastern Division Police.

Official reports are that McCoy was killed following a police shoot-out with a group of men.

However, residents are strongly disputing this claim, calling these reports “outright lies” as several persons alleged they saw the officers “innocently kill” McCoy as he was working.

Several residents claimed they witnessed the incident and alleged the police had encountered McCoy as he was working on a construction jobsite near the river along with a group of men.

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