OAS helping Jamaica with cyber security

The Organization of American States (OAS) has deployed a team of experts to Jamaica at the request of the country´s government, to provide cyber security incident management support, a release from the OAS said today.

The experts will also help establish the country’s National Computer Emer-gency Response Team (CERT), as part of a broader initiative by the OAS Cyber Security Program which includes the creation of a National Cyber Security Strategy.

The release said that the request to deploy this team of experts came from the highest level at the Jamaican Ministry of Science, Technology, En-ergy and Mining (MSTEM) and involved cooperation from the Hemispheric Network of CERTs of the OAS, specifically technical support from the Uruguayan National Cyber Security Response Team (CERTuy).

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining of Jamaica, Julian Robinson was quoted in the release as saying that due to recent cyber security concerns in the country, “the Ministry moved to implement several measures to safeguard against cyber attacks.

The Government of Jamaica is extremely grateful that the OAS was able to respond at very short notice and deploy cyber security experts to assist us in dealing with the threats posed by cyber criminals.”

The release added that it is expected that in the coming weeks the Government of Jamaica will officially adopt a National Cyber Security Strategy.

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