‘Control of the country has passed’

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to your article titled ‘NY mafia bust uncovers Guyana cocaine plot’ (Feb 12) to share a few comments.

Over five years ago, I wrote that “Control of the country has passed.”  In fact, those words were first used by the then opposition leader in a moment of rare insight and rarer candour in parliament.  Nobody listened then; perhaps they will listen now that there is ‘foreign packaging’ of this same issue and from a sturdy source.

Also, last year I shared through another channel two thoughts. They were: 1) this country does not produce any hard drugs for the northern markets, therefore the origins are from foreign sources; and 2) the monies flowing into this society via a multiplicity of channels are by and large the proceeds from the narcotics trade, and for the purpose of sanitizing.  This cleansing, washing, sanitizing (call it what pleases) has manifested in many incarnations inclusive of real estate, commercial activities, and mining, to name a few covers, just a few.  Nobody is fooled.  But nobody listens; maybe no one cares any more.

But here is the bottom line: the nation’s present and future has been sold for a pot of gold; a large pot in select hands.  And when travel down that road commenced control of this country passed.  It cannot be regained; it will not be allowed.  There is too much at stake, and Guyana represents the rare perfect alignment of circumstances, be they political, institutional, or geographical, among others, that make this place a nirvana for the foreign producers, distributors, and washers.  It is a good place to do this kind of business.

Here is another bottom line previously shared: if the current political masters were to attempt (repeat attempt) to dismantle the nationwide edifice of narcotics transshipment and money laundering, they know that their political days would be numbered. It is this stark, this obvious, and this final.  The foreign masters will move to rearrange the political and social environment to suit their business interests.  The PPP knows this, the PNC knows this.

Ruthlessness aside, it is just business, nothing personal.

One more thing: the bust speaks of a “Mexican cartel” presence and linkage here.  Why Mexican?

After concerted attention and heat from the Americans in Colombia, and the appalling violence in Bogota and elsewhere, the distribution end of the cocaine trade was outsourced to the Mexicans, and with it came the unparalleled violence and carnage that now graces Guadalajara, Sonora, and other Mexican provinces.  This is so commonplace that it is not even news any more.  The point is this: the distributors are now reported to have a presence here in Guyana.  And that is serious trouble for this society.  In the meantime, the charade of seeking details and information sharing will proceed.  These motions must be observed; citizens ought not to be misled, given all they see and hear, if not know.  Today the tail wags the dog.  Guyanese should have no difficulty determining which is tail and who is dog.  I say it one more time: This country does not control its own destiny any more.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall


‘Let us plan for a future in which T20 will be the real cricket’

Dear Editor, Twelve years ago when I was in Sydney, Australia,  I was told by Sam Loxton, a member of Don Bradman’s Invincibles of 1948, that only Test cricket is ‘real cricket’, and that the limited versions of the game are really ‘limited’; mere slogging – light entertainment.

Government works for the Guyanese people not ExxonMobil

Dear Editor, It is essential that the current administration keep in mind that they work for the Guyanese people and not ExxonMobil.

Why does the veterinarian in Region One not have riverine transportation?

Dear Editor, The residents of the Santa Rosa Amerindian village, Moruca sub-region, Region 1 (Barima- Waini) are complaining that they do not have the services of a veterinarian even though one is stationed at the Mabaruma sub-region.

A good academic year for Marian Academy

Dear Editor, At the risk of understatement, it was another good academic year for The Marian Academy. 

People are being damaged by noise abuse

Dear Editor, Noise abuse is no picnic or joke; it is injurious to people’s health; it’s annoying and it inflicts so much misery on its victims.

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