Deliberate misinterpretation

Dear Editor,

During Minister Irfaan Ali’s contribution to the debates in the National Assembly on Monday night, while he was addressing the investments that benefit the people of Leguan in the area of job creation, Nagamootoo heckled, “Leguan people cutting grass. Wheh the jobs deh?”

This was misinterpreted by the PPP in their desperation to find a basis on which to criticize the AFC leadership. This attempt to say that jobs are not being created for the people of Leguan was interpreted by the Desperate PPPites to mean Nagamootoo is calling the people of Leguan ‘grass- cutters.’

One of the faceless PPP propagandists wrote on the Facebook Message Board the following: “According to the AFC – Moses Nagamootoo, the people of Leguan Island are àll grass cutters,” and this silly interpretation is being given free miles by the PPP propagandists.

On the other hand, “Minister Ali, in turn, demanded an apology, saying, ‘How dare you reduce the people of Leguan to people that cut cane? I demand that you offer a public apology.’

Mr Ali’s call for a public apology was supported by Shaddick.”  Ms Shaddick apparently did not recognize the slight on the hard-working cane-cutters.

Can you imagine this insult to cane-cutters? Will Mr Irfan please explain what he means by “reduce the people of Leguan to people that cut cane”?  Obviously Mr Ally has a very low opinion of cane-cutters and has placed them into a low status category.

Maybe this reflects the views of the present PPP clique. I leave it to the readers to decide.

Yours faithfully,
Rajendra Bisessar

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