GPL will not deal with post leaning dangerously

Dear Editor,

It’s over a week now since myself and residents in Agriculture Road, made reports to GPL about a twisted post which can fall on residents’ houses at any moment, but until now this post has not been replaced or strapped to a supporting post.

The post has been leaning towards the house of Fibre Tech Industries and that of another resident for over a week now, and could fall at any moment on these houses, while a great deal of damage could also be done to vehicles.

Editor this is a very tall post that carries a lot of residents’ service lines, in addition to GT&T phone lines and boxes. If this post should fall the internet and phones will be disrupted and even lives would be at risk. In the evening many young kids play at the Fibre Tech Industries playground placing many innocent children and parents in danger.

When will GPL come to fix this post? In the recent budget over three billion dollars was given to GPL. In my personal opinion I don’t think GPL deserved this huge sum of money because they are lazy and incompetent. It won’t take two hours to replace a post which is a threat to the community but which their workers thought was OK.

I have been living opposite NARI for over 12 years and a transformer on a post connected to NARI is defective. GPL has come for the past twelve years to fix this transformer, but every week it blows up like a bomb destroying appliances in residents’ houses, but GPL could not care less about residents’ losses and inconvenience. Why after 12 years can GPL workers not replace a defective transformer? What is the purpose of over three billion dollars being given to GPL by our government when no progress is being made by this company?

The best solution for GPL is solar power. Instead of investing billions of wasted dollars in the utility they should think of giving every resident solar power and get rid of GPL. The government should invest in a solar power agency in some foreign country that can give residents in Guyana safer and better quality electricity. We are less than a million residents; every home can benefit from solar power.

After 47 years of independence we still suffer from blackouts, internet breakdowns and green and brown water in our pipelines. We don’t have a proper vision to take this country into the new millennium. We are faced with massive migration, unemployment, constant crimes, and drug dealings. We need a new vision to govern Guyana or maybe we need a governor appointed by the Queen to govern this nation.

I would be delighted if the CEO from GPL, Mr Bharat Dindyal, could travel to Agriculture Road and stand under this twisted post and evaluate how safe it is. Unless someone sues GPL for a billion dollars in damages they won’t change their lazy attitude.

Yours faithfully,
Rev Gideon Cecil

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