Four Miles, Port Kaituma, needs sports gear to keep school leavers in healthy activity

Dear Editor,

We are a small population in the Matarkai Sub Region called Four Miles in Port Kaituma, Region One. Editor, we live within the boundary of our motto, ‘One people, One nation, One destiny’ and we are heading in the same direction since we do not exercise hatred one for another while we face our challenges.

We have a growing population of school leavers who are forced to begin their work life at a very early stage.

Among them we have those pursuing different sporting activities, some of whom have excelled. These include names like Cleveland Forde and Benjamin Henry, who have both given us memorable moments.

On the other side there are a growing number of victims to remember, such as Gwenette Alexander who had her throat slashed while trying to earn herself a living; Stephen Lam who was found in our community with a ‘Spanish necktie’ and of late,  La Cruz.

I am a member of a small group of concerned residents who are now seeking help to secure a better future for our young generation. The help we ask for is in the form of sporting gear. We have identified and mobilized our young ones, but our problem is we do not have enough to keep them active. We are now asking every responsible person, group, organization to lend a helping hand.

We have seen great success in respect of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation in their quest to help others, so we are asking the Sports Organizer and others in the business community to please support our cause.

Yours faithfully,
Ellis James
CDC Chairman

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