Dear Editor,

A columnist wrote recently and fluently of the supposed WPA response to the PPP’s National Patriotic Front Proposals of 1977.  Claiming to “know,” claiming that the WPA was opposed to the offer of partnership to the PNC, the writer said that the WPA’s response was “Over my dead body!” Perhaps the writer meant that the WPA’s response amounted to “Over my dead body.” The whole thing is so false.

The writer then adds that then the PNC gave the WPA two dead bodies, meaning two activists killed. I hope this was not an attempt at humour. It seemed to amuse the writer.

Unfortunately for the writer and his claims, they are very far from the WPA’s response to the PPP’s proposal for an NPF. The WPA in fact was the only organisation outside the PPP that greeted it with respect and offered variations.

Some writers, for fame or money, I am not sure which, will write anything to discredit what dares to be outside of their fold. It is writing that sets out to discredit. I shall allow the writer some time to find out the facts on his or her own and inform the public correctly as political writers ought to want to do.

After all, no one has appointed me corrector of tales. Self-discovery and self-correction are better.

Surely some PPP person who knows better has seen the false claims and has a duty to correct what I will call for now a “grave mistake.”  Of course no one can correct the reference to “two dead bodies.”

Yours faithfully,
Eusi Kwayana

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