Priceless cricketing photos at Bourda should be restored and preserved

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday evening, April 9, I was in the upper flat of the GCC, Bourda, to hear Reds Perreira share his memories of cricket in Guyana in the old days, particularly the 1950s. Reds gave a fascinating talk. He was especially good in describing the vibrant club and school competitions which pumped life blood into the game in those days.

In the upper flat at Bourda the walls are covered with priceless cricketing pictures. I did not examine them closely but some seemed to be fading. At any rate, they looked forgotten and vulnerable. They should be examined by a professional and those restored which need restoring and all kept secure and well preserved in future. These pictures are of inestimable significance in the world of cricket.

I have been a member of the GCC for nearly 60 years. I think I may have been a member longer than anyone else alive. I hope this qualifies me to plead with the people who are running this historic club to take action urgently. These days I creak and groan when I get down on bended knees but I do so now.

Yours faithfully,
Ian McDonald

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