Large ugly building disturbs Chateau Margot residents

Dear Editor,

It is now 1.30 am on the 5th April, and I pen this epistle to share with your readers information regarding the loud music noise that is currently emanating from a loud and incoherent boom-box here in Chateau Margot.

From that large, questionable, ugly, fort-like warehouse built in this peaceful residential area, beleaguered residents have to accept unbecoming behaviour which is very unreasonable and inconsiderate every month for a whole night.

In the first place how official permission was given to have that warehouse built in this residential community is a questionable matter. All the neighbours are peeved that permission was given by the NDC of LBI/Better Hope and they had many times questioned the secretive manner in which it was done.

I quote below comments that were made in the national press earlier about this warehouse:

“My sympathy to that taxpayer in Chateau Margot. There is also the big Metro Bond affecting the view and breeze of the neighbours.  How was permission granted to construct a bond in a residential neighbourhood?

Chateau Margot was once a lovely, clean and breezy place filled with kind and helpful people living like one big family. The Ministry of Local Government must look into the activities of the NDC in that area.”

Editor, the structure referred to above, which is not a residential home, was built about four or five years ago, and several residents in Chateau Margot challenged the NDC of LBI/Better Hope about granting permission to a company to build that large, ugly building less than a stone’s throw away from the residence of the erstwhile chairman of the NDC.

Residents’ complaints were totally ignored by that chairman and today the large, ugly structure is a permanent eyesore for the peace-loving country folks in Chateau Margot.

The owners/management of the warehouse think that they can get their way to break the building regulations which govern residential areas.

And to add icing to this nuisance, when the party ends it continues in the street with crude male chauvinism displayed towards the opposite sex.

Would the Minister of Local Government, the current Chairman of the NDC, the police at the community outpost and the former chairman of the NDC under whose tenure permission was given, take note of this monthly nuisance and ugly blot on the landscape of this erstwhile peaceful residential hamlet.


Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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