Dear Editor,

It has been nearly six months since Stabroek News has banned me from posting on their blog.

Why this ban occurred I am not sure, as I did not post anything that was derogatory, incendiary, or racist nor did I attack other bloggers. I simply attacked their points of view.

Yet, the ban did occur. This is a new height of vulgarity coming from Stabroek News.

Did it occur because I wrote of mine own free will and openly support the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) who are doing an excellent job in managing the affairs of the Guyanese nation? Obviously, there are some who would disagree. These gripers only want to pull us down to their pessimistic level.

Is Stabroek News an impartial media outlet or is it just a commercial entity out to make a quick buck no matter the cost?

Only time will tell!

 Yours faithfully,

Sean McLean

 Editor’s note

This is all a figment of Mr McLean’s imagination. There is no ban in operation against him on Stabroek News’ ‘blog’ and never has been, and we routinely post comments which are both critical of this newspaper and in support of the government.

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