Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing my letter entitled ‘No ban’ (SN, April 15). I duly note the editor’s note and would like to say that when my browser says that I do not have permission to post on your forum several times I take that as a ban.

Do I have an over active imagination? Or did one of your astute moderators temporarily block me?

In any event I am now able to post on your blog so I am now a happy imaginative person.

Let’s shake hands and move forward.

I sincerely hope that the forum would be allowed to cater for differing views, from different political parties, which strengthens democracy.

 Yours faithfully,

Sean McLean

Editor’s note

 Mr McLean has engaged in another flight of fancy.

1. Stabroek News’s moderators do not have technical access to block anyone, and neither has this newspaper issued instructions to our technical personnel for Mr McLean’s posts to be blocked.

2. There is, in any case, no need to implement a block since if the exclusion of a ‘blogger’ was what was desired, posts could simply be deleted. As it is, however, each comment is judged individually to ensure it meets the guidelines we have published, and no one ‘blogger’ – Mr McLean not excepted – has been singled out by this newspaper for systematic deletion. 

 3. As we said in our earlier note and as is plainly evident from the comments on our website, we routinely publish posts from those associated with all the various political parties, representing the full spectrum of political views.

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