Guyanese from the diaspora are the alternative

Dear Editor,

The people of Guyana need help and protection from these wanton kidnappings and robberies that are reminiscent of post-2000.

I believe all the politicians inside and outside Guyana have failed the Guyanese people. I don’t think Guyana needs the PPP, PNC or AFC as their government, since the PNC and PPP combined have destroyed Guyana over the last 50 years. The AFC as an alternative is a cash-strapped party, that is not reaching the masses. I believe the AFC would be just like the PPP and PNC, making false promises to get into government and would then behave just like the PPP and PNC.

I think that Guyanese abroad need to take the fight up for a better Guyana. How to get them involved and moving would take serious commitment from a few concerned Guyanese from the diaspora, who should meet and share with them a manifesto to ensure that the PPP, PNC and AFC don’t get into power, and that we the Guyanese from the United States, Canada and the UK are the alternative.

I believe that Guyanese from the diaspora can make the change and make the real difference for a better Guyana. If this doesn’t happen, I think Guyana would be doomed for another 50 years through the recycling of these three major parties.

Yours faithfully,

Shaheed ‘Pepey’ Rahaman

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