Kwakwani’s roads are not gazetted

Dear Editor,

A recent accident in the Kwakwani community brought out a very troubling fact about the community’s roads. No one can be successfully prosecuted for any traffic offence in Kwakwani because the roads are not gazetted.

A community that has been in existence for over sixty years with some of the basic infrastructure which could classify it to become a township, including a police station and magistrate’s court cannot successfully prosecute traffic violators because of non-gazetted roads?

We, the residents are really living dangerously and have to be thankful for the mercy of the Almighty.

We are calling on all of our elected representatives at the regional and national levels, the Commissioner of Police and every authority, to thoroughly examine this grave situation with the objective of having it corrected within the shortest possible time.

Our community roads are getting dangerous, and with the ease with which we are able to access vehicles it is imperative that we have systems in place to protect, deter, prosecute and where appropriate probably compensate road users.

Yours faithfully,
Jocelyn Morian

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