Noise polluters have all the rights; peace-lovers, none

Dear Editor,

It is 12.30 am on Monday, 21st April (Easter Monday night). I cannot rest. A gargantuan music set has been blaring at deafening (and vibrating) decibels since   2 pm today. I am normally up at 5 am. I have a meeting at 8 am tomorrow. I am affected by an event sponsor who is a businessman trying to make money at my (and others’) inconvenience. He has no care for others; his pocket is primary.

At 8 pm I contacted the police at Cove & John seeking their intervention to have the noise turned down; not off – down. I was promised that intervention. I called again at 9 pm. Again, another promise. I texted a number seeking help. I am at my computer at this hour typing this email to you for very obvious reasons; the music is still intolerable and I cannot rest although I have downed a 10mg Valium.

Editor, this letter in your letter columns simultaneously appeals to Magistrates to order in their approvals that music must stop at 10 pm. I am also asking the police to be responsible when just requests are made for their intervention, notwithstanding the 12 midnight cut-off time.

If the police failed to address a matter as related above, and someone is affected to the point that it is unbearable and damages the offending instrument(s), the very police, who indirectly contributed to the person’s mental state, would readily institute charges for damage to property, etc.

It is a medical conclusion that persistent noise can drive people berserk. God knows I was tempted tonight after 7 hours of constant pounding. But I allowed better sense to prevail. I called the police instead. Nothing! Do people have to endure this punishment so very often and from a myriad of sources? The noise polluters, particularly if they are rich and connected, seem to have all the rights; the peace-loving persons none.

Yours faithfully,
Taajnauth Jadunauth

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