The laying of sewer pipes is leaving roads in abysmal state

Dear Editor,

In the newspapers of Sunday, April 13, GWI took out full-page notices, in colour, updating the population affected by their laying of sewer pipes, that work is in process to fix the damaged roads.

They state, inter alia, that “contractors have reinstated damaged streets to satisfactory conditions.” Well, not Smyth Street where I live. The work done was totally substandard and the mess in front of the house where I live is very difficult to live with. The contractors worked like crapauds, jumping from one area to another with no continuity, and now with the rainy season in effect, the mud from the road which was dug up and not fixed back is coming onto the bridge and into the yard. Apart from making a mess, it is dangerous as the mud can cause me or anyone else to fall and sustain an injury.

On a personal note, I have already broken three bones from simple falls so I cannot afford to fall again.

I wrote to Messrs Nabi and Jagmohan, those responsible for the work, and copied the letter to the Minister of Public Works, Mr Robeson Benn, expressing my dissatisfaction with the condition the road was left in. Absolutely no response. I spoke to one Mr Benjamin, who said he is a “consultant” on the project about the abysmal state of the road, and he promised to talk to Mr Nabi about fixing the road. No response.

This is what the IDB is giving them US$10 million for? To make life less salubrious for residents of the city? The very least they can do is restore the road to the condition they found it in. At least that is the way I see it.


Yours faithfully,
Jennifer Bulkan

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