A OneCard is only retained by a Republic Bank ATM if customer does not remove it at end of transaction

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to the letter carried in your April 22, 2014 edition captioned, ‘What systems do banks have in place to assist a customer whose card remains stuck/lost in the machine during a non-working day?’

We advise that Republic Bank OneCards are only retained at our ATMs if a customer does not remove the card from the machine when prompted to do so at the conclusion of a transaction. This feature ensures a strict level of security for customers’ accounts by reducing exposure to unauthorized usage. Cards retained by our ATMs can only be retrieved at our branches on business days.

For twenty-four hour cardholder assistance, customers may call 1800-271-4725.

We welcome this opportunity to share this information.

Yours faithfully,
Michelle Johnson
Marketing and Communications
Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

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