Power outages in Essequibo over Easter

Dear Editor,

Over the Easter holidays there was a high number of power outages on the Essequibo Coast, due to kites falling on the power lines, mostly in the township of Anna Regina.

Finding answers to power outages and load-shedding is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century for GPL. And energy efficiency plays a key role in our development as a country. GPL’s efficiency has to improve, so it can maintain levels of energy to satisfy our local needs. How can GPL power a country hungry for electricity, with all the people who depend on it to power their lives and businesses?

It’s important to know if GPL can handle the challenge with bold thinking and solutions tailored to our regions and the country. The people of the Essequibo region have lost confidence in GPL, whatever its challenges. Boldness changes everything. We the people of this region believe in boldness that inspires each and every one of us to transform tomorrow. That is why GPL must provide us with affordable and sustainable energy.

Today, GPL is not generating enough electricity to meet the needs of our businesses and households. The Wartsila generating plants that Dr Cheddi Jagan brought into this region are either not being used at all or are producing below capacity. Both Wartsila engines have for the past years been producing well below capacity. They malfunction at times and operate inefficiently, either because of inadequate maintenance or because they are too old and need replacing.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan


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