Will the Rodney commission be televised and video streamed live?

Dear Editor,


Will the Rodney Commission of Inquiry (RCOI) be televised and video streamed live on the internet for worldwide viewers? Not all Guyanese will be travelling to the city, but country folks would sure like to witness the event. The RCOI is slated to begin hearings next week on April 28, 29 and 30, and on May 2, according to GINA. Many issues ought to be urgently resolved and shared with Guyanese. “What touches us ourself shall be last served,” (Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar) cannot be acceptable any more.


Editor, the RCOI should subcontract for its own public relations needs as budget cuts affecting GINA have drastically affected their verve and performance. It has rendered them handicapped to handle such an unprecedented inquiry. The court setting is sombre and dignified as it should be, but it is no Maginot Line to be overcome. In case of technical problems, backup equipment for TV and Skype should be in place for those giving evidence.

Who is in charge of what should be clarified for the public. Which ministry is tasked to ensure all is working like clockwork? Which dates are Mrs Patricia Rodney and Mr Eusi Kwayana slated to give evidence? Inquiring minds want to know. Somehow other issues, legalities, etc, as they should, have absorbed the secretariat’s attention which does not project their efforts or the public’s right to know.

The inquiry is being held in the Supreme Court Library Building, Victoria Law Courts, Avenue of the Republic and Charlotte Street, Georgetown.

Yours faithfully,
Sultan Mohamed

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