Omissions, errors in Everest souvenir magazine

Dear Editor,


As a past member (not active) I know that the Everest Cricket Club is observing its centenary anniversary this year with different events. One of them is the production of a Souvenir Magazine which I got from one of my friends. I wholeheartedly congratulate all involved for this initiative since this club has always been among the top cricket clubs in Georgetown, Demerara and indeed the entire country.

I sense however, that the Magazine may have been hurriedly produced as I have detected a number of careless errors which good, knowledgeable editorial personnel would detect and more care should have been taken.

Some observations my friends and I have are as follows, not withstanding our understanding that the magazine could not reasonably encompass the entire history or indeed name all of the key administrative persons and players over the last 100 years.

1) The cover depicts three cricketers, namely Rohan Kanhai, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Tagenarine Chanderpaul. This to my mind gives the impression that these gentlemen had significant roles at the club. I would have preferred to see former test cricketers Joe Solomon, Leonard Baichan and Clyde Butts all of whom have played far more important roles in the success of the club at cricket.

2) A notation on page 39 –Chronology of Everest 1960-89 mentions that one ”Kenty Khan was a main fixture“. I am not too sure about this but while I am aware that Mr Khan was there I do not believe he was a key person in any shape or form. Certainly both Wilfred “Sonny” Edun and Abdul “Waqar” Hassan were key contributors to the club’s success.

3) Again regarding chronology on page 39, the name Toolsie Persaud was mentioned as having resigned in 1970. Is this correct? As we cannot place this individual.

4) On page 40 in the Chronology it is mentioned that the club celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1983, can this be correct when the 100th Anniversary is being celebrated in year 2014?

5) Most of the important players in the club’s success were mentioned in my opinion, however, the name of Anand Sookram (former National Junior Table Tennis Champion) was not found in the book (hope I did not miss it). Mr Sookram was among the group of Berbice players brought to Georgetown by the late David Persaud along with Isaac Seurinarine and Leonard Baichan in particular and Anand played an important role in some key matches.

6) While the name Eddy Pertab was mentioned, and Harold Pertab in a photograph, mention should be made of the great contribution that the Pertab Clan made to the success of club cricket. I would therefore like to mention   also Basil Pertab (batsman/spin bowler), Cyril Pertab (batsman), Neville Pertab (reserve wicket keeper/opening batsman), Ronald Pertab and Kenneth (Boy) Pertab, the youngest brother. In some matches the team was made up of four of the Pertab boys. Other notable cricketers were Badrol Mohammed (wicket keeper), and Pooran Singh (elegant /upright batsman).

7) Mention was made in a very brief article of Mr Khaleel Ally (former President ) , unfortunately it would seem that no picture of this gentleman was published which is unfortunate since I believe as a former President his picture should have been there.

My friends and I would welcome comments on the above by the Publisher and Editor and other knowledgeable individuals all in the interest of stimulating discussion and ensuring historical accuracy as far as possible.

Once again my hearty congratulations to the club and its executives on achieving this milestone.


Yours faithfully,
Cecil Harripersaud


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