When will the nonsense cease?

Dear Editor,

As we suffer an almost daily dose of nonsense from the City Hall administration and its sponsors, citizens need ask when will it all end, and so stop this deterioration of our capital. In the meantime, while nonsense prevails, citizens must endure dilapidated markets, blocked drains, a jungle for a cemetery, garbage and potholes.

During the week, we witnessed yet another drift into the pits. Ms Carol Sooba, the again imposed acting Town Clerk, as ordained by the Minister is not satisfied to attempt to defy a position taken by the duly elected Mayor and Councillors of Georgetown on the question of charging a fee for kite-flying etc, on Easter Monday, but subsequently launched out on a foray about what the Mayor said at our last statutory meeting. Not even inferentially did I call the lady a rodent, so she, like the old imperial overlords decided that she will not sign the voucher for the supply of fuel for the vehicle assigned to the Mayor’s office.

In any properly run organization, such a routine matter ought not to be responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, but is this what the Minister is encouraging? No wonder so little is achieved. The victims are the citizens of Georgetown.

Next, Ms Sooba and a government minister plus propaganda sought to accuse Mr Royston King of a matter that the full council dealt with. She accused Mr King of granting a waiver of taxes to Beacon Foundation and asked that both the police and the Auditor General pursue this great crime. Mr King never gave such a waiver. It is simply inaccurate.

Here again, the lady carefully selects certain people and organization for harassment. In many institutions, you tend to come upon public servants with their own idiosyncrasies, but these are generally persons of near genius or extreme competence and commitment.

We cannot accept strange behaviour from overlords and those who know not the difference between a noun and a verb, or what is singular or what is plural. In all this, the victims are the citizens of Georgetown. Thank God we know that the longest rope has an end.

The government seems unwilling to activate the details in the four bills approved unanimously in the National Assembly almost one year ago. The spirit of local government is being plundered daily by this state apparatus.

Next, in normal circumstances, if a public officer is involved in a matter of public interest, they normally would take leave to allow a process without their presence on the job. In Ms Sooba’s case, she is entitled to leave from the whole of 2013, so that in any event, why is she not being told by her Minister to take her leave entitlement, more particularly because no one should work for long periods without a break.

 Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green


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