GFF conference was disrupted by people lacking respect

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Football Federation Conference held on April 26, 2014, was indeed an interesting one. Editor, it would be remiss of me if I failed to mention that I have never experienced such a high degree of arrogance, disrespect and lack of decorum on display by some individuals in positions of influence and authority. These individuals for years were in the shadows and some were a part of the rule of the previous administration. They never fought or had the fortitude to challenge the past regime which ruled with an iron fist for fear of being marginalized.

The tactics of those individuals on the day of the conference to try to dictate the play were well refereed by the President. Mr Matthias’s display of humility and control in the midst of the exhibition of uncultured behaviour by men of repute in the presence of FIFA and CONCACAF was nothing but a display of good leadership and character.

The constitution of any body or organization is to give guidance and the GFF constitution is the same. The motion of no-confidence put forward by the member association and seconded by another member association did not in its entirety satisfy the constitutional requirement of how a motion is to be tabled. The foremost defence for these men where most of their arguments were concerned was the constitution. They conveniently wanted to disregard it when it was used by the President, but their plan failed. What form of justice it is, Editor, when one deems a man guilty (no-confidence) and cannot say what he is guilty of, and yet one wants him to be punished without an explanation? Isn’t this a blatant expression of dictatorship? Do these individuals seriously want to lead Guyana’s football in the interest of its players and its development?

The walk-out of those people, including executives of the ‘present’ administration, because they could not bully their way to get what they wanted, did not in any way surprise me. Their actions epitomize why football in Guyana was crippled and stifled for years. It was because of the selfish ambitions and desires of individuals who did not have Guyana’s football or its players at heart.

The failure to present the auditor’s report because of the action on the floor was indeed sad.

This report and the damning revelations it contains, give a clearer picture of the state of Guyana’s football during all those years. Whether it has the potential to persuade individuals to make more informed decisions in relation to the way forward in Guyana’s football is left to be seen.

What is most frightening is that most of those individuals who disrupted the conference unceremoniously because they were defeated by Matthias’ use of facts, evidence and the constitution are learned people. Their actions should have been guided by their intellect but they chose to betray their intelligence to satisfy their selfish ambitions. The fear is that despite the indications of the misappropriation of funds in previous years, peer pressure will be applied and group think will occur.

To the individuals of the various associations and affiliates who are being hoodwinked and bamboozled by individuals who see them as nothing but a pawn in their chess game, they should emancipate themselves from group think and do what is best for Guyana’s football. The change we all once longed for has come.

Yours faithfully,

Jermaine Figueira

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