Port Mourant Cricket Club should be returned to the residents of the village

Dear Editor,

The village of Port Mourant is well known in Guyana for being the birthplace of Dr Cheddi Jagan and also for being the home of the historic Port Mourant Cricket Club (PMCC). The PMCC has been the pride of our village and has always been managed and properly administered by outstanding Port Mourant born and bred residents with great success. Names like Manohar Pooran a/k Sam Suchit, Mr Deen, Romain Etwaroo, Mr Permaul, Mr Nandu, Mr M Ali. Deonarine Persaud and Mr Seenarine were all outstanding administrators who transformed the PMCC into one of the most feared cricket clubs in Guyana, and we were proud of the achievements of our boys whom we called our own.

The PMCC over the last decades has fallen into total decline is a shadow of its old self, and it will take great effort to return it to the glory days of the past. Several dedicated cricketers and administrators who were loyal to our club over the last few years are now looking on in total disbelief as the PMCC administration and cricket teams have been taken over by persons who have no connection to our village and no loyalty to the club. Editor the executive body consisting of the president, first vice president, secretary, treasurer, asst treasurer, cricket manager and coach have no connection to our village, while our different cricket teams look like a United Nations delegation with players coming from all over Berbice.

Port Mourant is a proud village which has produced outstanding players like Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher, Ivan Madray, Joe Soloman, Alvin Kallicharran, Tyrone and Romain Etwaroo, Reginald Etwaroo, Mahendra and Vishal Nagamootoo, Arjune Nandu and Veerasammy Verapen. A few non-Port Mourant players like the Fingal brothers, the Dhaniram brothers and Rajendra Sahadeo played with us over the years, but the emphasis was always on our own home-bred players.

Under the current administration there have been a few positive changes in terms of meals, supplies of balls and fund-raising, but some long-serving members are very concerned that a person who is allegedly involved in illegal activities is associated with our club. Editor, the overall development of our youths is vital to the residents of Port Mourant and we have also observed that a new culture is developing whereby tents are set up for loud music and the drinking of liquor by a select few. I was recently at three major matches and observed junior players being encouraged around the tent.

Residents of Port Mourant hereby call on the People’s Progressive Party the Regional Chairman Mr Armogan, the NDC and GuySuCo to look into the current operation of the PMCC and return our club to its rightful owners – the residents of our village; our young people must be the ones benefiting from this historic club.

A couple of years ago, I was present at a club meeting where PMCC administrators were complaining of the attitude of the cricket manager of another club who was recruiting our players to join his teams. This person single-handedly got most of our junior players to leave and join his club.

We should seek out dedicated locals not allow our club to be used by those whose aim is to use the PMCC as the stepping stone to the BCB. My son has already expressed his frustration over the composition of our teams and has informed me that he would be joining others in leaving soon unless the situation improves.

 Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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