Squatting on eastern side of Chateau Margot damaging legal properties and causing flooding

Dear Editor,

We read yesterday from another section of the national press that “several squatter farmers have been advised to discontinue farming on Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) and state lands. And failure to comply will see action being taken to bring to an end this practice.”

We are now wondering when this unsocial and corrupt practice would end and the nightmare of flooding would cease on the eastern side of the Chateau Margot community on the East Coast of Demerara.

Editor, for several years now a senior official of the NDC of LBI/Better Hope had used his position to give permission for over a dozen households to squat with their families on the eastern side of Chateau Margot. As a result of that illegal behaviour on the part of the official several transported and legal properties are already suffering from structural damage due to stagnant rainfall and household waste water, as all the eight legal outlets are now blocked. It is a nightmare for bona fide household residents to go out in their yards or have a kitchen garden, while they also fear further structural damage to their properties.

When it rains the non-existent drainage system does not function and that section suffers flooding. And over the years now there is even structural damage to the street and Chimmey Road.

This matter was officially brought to the attention of the current Chairman of the LBI/Better Hope NDC, the Minister of Local Government and also the Regional Chairman, but so far no movement has been made to remove those squatters and so allow free drainage of stagnant waste and rainwater.

Could Minister Whittaker take note and give his official instruction to remedy this, appease legal ratepayers and relieve them of this sore and contentious matter. And could he even take an hour from his busy schedule to visit this nightmare?

Many household owners fear victimization if they complain. We were informed of two such cases recently and we were told in no uncertain manner to “shut up” when we voiced our concerns.


Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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