Mahdia only receives ten hours of electricity a day

Dear Editor,

Mahdia Power & Light was established by the Government of Guyana some two years ago, and from the inception the Prime Minister who is responsible for the electricity sector promised the people of Region Eight, a 24-hour service daily. The company subsequently reduced its generation from 24 hours to 18 hours soon after the current REO came to the region in February 2012. The power was further reduced to 12 hours then to 10 hours, and recently to less than 10 hours per day, which is now causing great hardship for the Mahdia community.

The regional administration is currently the largest revenue-generating consumer for the company; however the current REO has not been paying the company on time for the power supplied to the administration, and instead the RDC each month is finding ways to reduce or limit its revenues to the power company. By extension this creates agony for the residents of Mahdia. Recently the REO has withdrawn four buildings from the company grid. This decision will further cripple the struggling entity and may even cause a further reduction in generation. As an old resident of Mahdia I am appealing to those in authority to look into this developing matter as a matter of emergency, so that my children and the children of Mahdia will again see 24-hours lights in our homes and businesses.

Yours faithfully,

A Britton


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